Cedar Roof Shingles - Treated Hip & Ridge

  • Cedar Roof Shingles - Treated Hip & Ridge
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Western Red Cedar Roof Shingles - Hip & Ridge

Dimensions: Approx 450mm in length and 100mm wide.

Grade: Our Blue Label Pressure Treated. Clear heartwood, 100% edge grain with no defects. Not all Cedar Shingles are the same, by purchasing our products you are assured of the highest possible quality.

Colour: Treated Shingles are darker in colour with a green tinge due to the green tanalith treatment. This will quickly bleach due to the greying effect of the sun's UV rays.

Description: Cedar Shingles are light weight, maintenace free and highly durable. We recommend that you use our Cedar Shingles for roofs and sidewalls where a premium quality finish is required.

Cover: Each bundle will cover 4.5 linear metres when fitted at 125mm gauge. Each bundle contains 18 No left hand and 18 No right hand, total of 36 pieces.

Fixing: We are able to recommend approved Shingle fitters, likewise once you have placed an order we shall email you a set of fixing instructions. We would recommend our 31mm fixings.